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Montelongo Business Center offers you and your clients a wide variety of amenities that will help your company thrive.

A Great First Impression

When your clients walk into the Montelongo Business Center, they’re greeted by a light filled
four story reception area. Comfortable seating and well-appointed decor complete the warm,
impressive statement for your business.
Walkways surround the central open foyer and flood the space with natural light no matter which
floor your business space is on. Within the offices, expansive windows continue the bright
theme and create an atmosphere that will be sure to make your customers and employees feel

Conference Rooms

Your business will likely need space to host large meetings from time to time. When you lease
your office with Montelongo Business Center, you’ll have access to a fully furnished conference
room. The open concept area can fill all your needs, whether hosting clients or meeting with
employees and contractors. The professional decor and well kept amenities will help everyone
feel comfortable. And the audio visual equipment availability allows everyone to stay on the
same page as you make those important decisions.

Kitchen and Break Room

There are days when your business is so busy you just can’t leave the office. For those times,
Montelongo Business Center is there for you. As one of many ample amenities, Montelongo has
a stocked break room available.
It’s so convenient on those days when the phone won’t stop ringing, the emails pinging, and the
paperwork piling. You can relax by grabbing a bite to eat that will satisfy you throughout your
productive day.

Convenient Location

Montelongo Business Center offers a convenient location for your customers, employees, and
yourself, with dining, shopping, and Willowbrook Mall within minutes.
If you like to entertain, there are a host of options to wine and dine potential clients, or simply
get a little something for a business lunch.
Customers will find it convenient to stop in at your office while running other errands, making
them more likely to schedule and keep appointments.

Parking and Grounds

Before your clients even enter the building, they’ll be welcomed by ample parking in the clean,
well kept lot. The surrounding landscaping is professionally manicured to look impeccable year
round. With an easily accessible location, Montelongo Business Center will help your business
give just the right first impression.

Security and Access

You might have regular hours for your customers, but as a business owner, you know that the
work of growing your business never really stops. Whether you’re burning the midnight oil or an
early bird, you’ll have access to your office when you need it. Montelongo Business Center
offers 24-hour access seven days a week. Our secure premises means that you can work
comfortably even when your schedule isn’t 9 to 5.
We take the security of your business seriously, too. Our security features include
state-of-the-art locks and security gates. Monitoring cameras are placed strategically on each
floor. We understand that you want to ensure that your valuable investment is safe, even when
you’re not there.

Onsite Maintenance and Management

Montelongo Business Center offers onsite maintenance to all its residents. We’ll take out the
frustration of everyday issues so that you can get back to the important tasks of building your
business and creating more satisfied customers.

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